What are the key things that keep leaders awake at night? Within the top five on the ‘worry list’ is ensuring the capability of a strong top team pulling in the same direction and delivering success. Based on the world’s most successful teams including the RAF Red Arrows, we assess, feedback and work with the team to ensure not only they perform to their maximum but that everyone works together to achieve the goal. What impact has this had?

It made me stop and identify better ways to perform as Chief Executive. The results are already showing after a few weeks”.

CEO Ogilvy, Adams &Rhinehart

“It has been a real experience to understand and build my ability to be an effective team member with others who want to see a new future for the organisation.”

Marketing Director Projects GE

“Leading a global team from seven different countries this work broke down the cultural barriers that were causing issues. Winning the company’s team award afterwards was testimony for me.”

Global Team Leader


We believe that development of the board/top team should be tailored to the specific remit of the board/top team, rather than taking its lead from executive education whose role and responsibilities are different. Therefore, following assessment, all the work we do with top teams is bespoke, catered for the specific needs and requirements of that team.